I am selling all my tweaks!! All are updated to support iOS 11 already! I will personally help to setup the project to compile and if you buy a tweak, it is up to you to decide what to do, make it paid if you want. I don't care so much about credit, but I am always available to help if you encounter issues along the way. All tweaks that get sold are sold to only one person. No one is sharing the code. DRM is included in all projects ($100 or more expensive) and you will receive updates if it ever gets cracked.

Accept the price or give me a bid, I don't need the sources anyway. Offers are made through email, sales@ijapija00.com.

Callisto Pro ($500)
Lysithea X ($200)
DragMeDown ($125)
CustomTime+ ($25)
Amalthea 2 (Not released) ($100)
Amaro X (Better ControlCenterXI alternative, not released) ($650) - it is basically an original copy with all animations and things like that.
DockXI ($50) - Rounded dock with custom tint color. (iOS 11 Dock)
Creamy ($25) - iOS 11 passcode buttons.
LastTimeUnlocked ($25)

Wanna help with making your own tweak? No problems, I am a superior developer who has an answer to mostly all questions. Price: $15/h.

Have a requested tweak, send an idea and I will give you an offer, easier tweaks can be done for free!!

Have another tweak made by me that you want to have the source of, write an e-mail as well!